05-19-2022. The Western Oregon Radio Club operates Linked Amateur Radio repeaters  in the Portland Oregon Area, including: 443.150, and 1291.00 at Clackamas Oregon 145.430, 442.875, and 53.35 at Colton, Oregon 442.525 at Aloha, Oregon 52.850, 145.27,and 441.825 in the Coast Range near Timber, 29.68 FM, 52.83, 145.47, 224.06 and 443.425 at Sherwood 52.970, and 442.925 at Mt. Hood, Oregon 442.275 at Newberg, Oregon 927.1125 at Forest Grove, Oregon D-Star: 1292.000 Voice, 1248.750 Data,  444.3125 Voice, and 146.620 Voice at Sherwood The Western Oregon Radio Club operates a low power FM Broadcast station in the S.E. Portland area. KISN 95.1FM    And shares its programming with    KQRZ 100.7FM A Telephone Autopatch is available to members on all repeaters. The WORC system is connectable to the EchoLink VoIP and IRLP VoIP systems The WORC System repeaters are the Portland access to the Evergreen Intertie system, a group of about 29 interconnected repeaters located in the Pacific Northwestern States.