System Extras The features below make the Western Oregon Radio Club repeater system more than just another repeater. These additional features extend the range of your radio to include most of the Pacific Northwest over the Evergreen Intertie, and throughout the world with the enhancement of the Voice over Internet Protocol systems ( EchoLink and IRLP system ), or D-Star systems. Evergreen Intertie A linked system of Amateur Repeaters connecting the Pacific Northwest states. Available for your use. 11-25-2014 IRLP Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to connect the WORC repeater system to other repeaters throughout the world to communicate with other amateurs. IRLP VoIP WORC IRLP Information For more information about this service: Echolink VoIP Echolink allows users on the system repeaters to connect to other repeaters or individual amateurs worldwide over the Internet. WORC Echolink information For more information about this service: Autopatch The WORC Autopatch connects the repeaters to the public telephone system, allowing club members to place telephone calls using their radios. Users dial using the DTMF keypad on the radio.