NETS ON THE WORC SYSTEM 12-19-2015 Daily 6:05 PM The Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training net is one you are most likely to hear on the WORC repeaters. This net is on every day of every week of every month at 6:05 PM local time. This net is a local contact point for the National Traffic System, which lets Hams send radiograms to anyone in the country at no charge. Handling routine messages during this net provides participants with practice handling message traffic, preparing them for emergency conditions when Ham Radio is the only way left to send long distance messages. Contact the net control operator to learn how you can participate in this activity. Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training Net  YL Net Monday 8 PM This net is for the Young Ladies. A general discussion net weekly on the Evergreen Intertie from Seattle. Topics of interest to YLs vary weekly, as well as a chance to enjoy conversation on events of your past week. Youth Net An enthusiastic group of operators warm up the Intertie airwaves once a week for the Seattle hosted Youth Net. General discussion as well as weekly questions to try and answer. 8 PM Tuesday District One Resource Net When activated by ARES District One, available volunteers may check in to the resource net and await assignment to a remote location for emergency communications or exercise activities. As Necessary Any Time