The Western Oregon Radio Club is an Amateur Radio club located in Portland Oregon. The club functions to operate radio repeaters to provide coverage over a large portion of the northwest corner of the state of Oregon. The club has several separate radio sites for repeaters. The separate sites are linked using RF linking to allow users on any local repeater to be heard on any of the other repeaters. The club also has RF links to other similar Amateur Radio Repeater systems located throughout the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The current roster of repeaters participating in the Evergreen Intertie system includes 29 separate repeaters. The club supports other forms of Amateur radio activity including Voice over Internet Protocol systems, a connection to the public telephone system ( Autopatch ), a weather alert monitor for NOAA weather emergency weather warnings, D-Star repeaters, and a low power FM Broadcast station. The club conducts several nets each week on the local repeater system and also connecting throughout the Northwest. A local user net is conducted each week on Wednesdays at 7 PM to provide up to date information about the local repeaters and to answer user questions. The WORC system is an open repeater system available to all Amateur Radio Operators. The club system has been used to support several public service activities. The system has a part in the District ARES plan and has been active during exercises and real emergency activities. The Leadership and Board members of the Western Oregon Radio Club are as follows: Board President:  Ron Polluconi  KJ7IY Board Vice President, Treasurer:  Mike Hemel  KB7WUK Board Secretary: Kris Schatz  KR7IS Chairman of the Tecnical Committee: Ken Seymour  KA7OSM 05-19-2022 About the WORC