Barlow Road Repeater Bands:  2m, The Barlow Road Repeater provides good FM coverage over the Willamette Valley on the 2m band. We are still exploring the service area for the 2m repeater. The site has emergency power. 2m     -    146.80 MHZ   -0 600 offset      input tone 107.2      - callsign  WB7DZG /R The 2m repeater is normally stand alone but may be connected to the WORC local trunk to provide wide coverage on the linked system. This repeater can access the WORC autopatch as well as the WORC EchoLink Node# 615620 and IRLP Node # 3429 Proven coverage from this site is as far south in the Willamette valley as Salem. Signal reports from other areas are welcomed. 02-07-2023