Aloha Repeater Bands:70cm The Aloha site provides good coverage over the Tualatin River Valley on one band. The site itself is a low elevation on the west side of the Portland Metropolitan area. This site is intended as a local fill in site for nearby towns. The site has emergency power. 70cm - 442.525 MHZ +5.00 offset  input tone107.2Hz- callsign  KA7OSM/R This repeater can access the WORC autopatch as well as the WORC EchoLink Node# 82962 and IRLP Node # 3881 This repeater is normally connected to the WORC local trunk to provide wide coverage on the UHF linked system.  The configuration of the linked system can be changed by users utilizing DTMF control codes. This repeater may be connected to the Evergreen Intertie System by users utilizing DTMF control codes. The 70cm repeater at Aloha 11-25-2014