11-25-2014 Clackamas Repeaters Bands:  70cm,23cm The Clackamas site provides good coverage over most of Portland on two bands. The site is a medium elevation site in Southeast Portland. The site has emergency power. 70cm - 443.150 MHz. -5.000 offset CTCSS tone  107.2 Hz - callsign  KJ7IY /R 23cm - 1291.00 MHz -20.000 offset CTCSS tone  107.2 Hz - callsign  KB7WUK /R These repeaters all can access the WORC autopatch as well as the WORC Echolink Node # 615620 and IRLP Node # 3429. These repeaters can be linked to each other and to the rest of the Western Oregon Radio Club system. The configuration of the linked system can be changed by users utilizing DTMF control codes. The 70cm repeater is normally connected to the WORC local trunk to provide wide coverage on the UHF linked system. These repeaters may be connected to the Evergreen Intertie System by users utilizzing DTMF control codes. The two repeaters at Clackamas are installed here as well as the necessary controllers and RF linking radio equipment.